New Radnor Community Council 

New Radnor Community Council

The New Radnor Community Council is comprised of seven Councillors who all carry out their duties on an entirely voluntary basis.

The Council meets every month (with the exception of August) on the second Thursday of the month in the Committee Room of New Radnor Community Centre commencing at 7.30 pm.

At the beginning of each meeting, there is a short period of time when members of the community can bring items that are of concern to them to the attention of the Council.

The Council welcomes input from the Community during this time and indeed at any time by contacting the Council's Clerk, Tracey Price.

Members of the public are welcome to attend Council meetings but may only speak during the public speaking session at the start of the meeting. Minutes of the Council Meetings are published on the Website and​ displayed on the Noticeboard at the Town Hall.

The Council's Financial Year runs from 1st April and the budget is agreed in the January preceding. If you are involved in a local organisation that would like to make a request for a grant, details should be submitted to the Clerk by November at the latest.

The Council is conscious of the need to protect personal information processed in the course of its work. Please see the Council Regulations page for full information. If you wish to speak to anyone about data stored by the Council please contact the Clerk, Tracey Price.

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