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ESCO is a unique little shop that was started by our dad, Hedley when he was suffering with cancer, he was concerned the village had lost the village shop, the nearest shop is 6 miles away. he started with a little mobile shop in his yard, it has grown a little, and our aim to provide what is required to the local people and visitors to our lovely village

Dad had a great sense of humour hence the name of the shop, ESCO"s and logo "your little helper"


Come and shop at ESCO, we are a small business that provides the village and surrounding area with fresh daily produce.

We stock most products and as much as possible, buy local and seasonal.

We have a strong ethic and believe in supporting local, be it a business or a charity.

You will be amazed at what we stock, so come in and take a look. We will endeavour to get products if you require, so just ask

We stock:

Fresh Fish (MJ Willis) alternate weeks

Fresh Meat ( J Williams Llandrindod) alternate weeks

Fresh Bread (Swift Bakery Clee Hill) every day

Milk (Bartonsham dairy)

Eggs ( downfield Free range)

Fresh Fruit and Veg ( John Morgan)

Wood/Kindling (nick Howells)

Cider (Ralphs cider)

Beer (Swan Brewery, Radnorshire Ales)

Curry pastes/ Fresh Naan, Deli Samosas both vegi and meat (Previns)

We stock a range of alcohol, general provisions, daily newspapers, (both local and national) frozen and chilled food, local honey and much more.

Opening times :

MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY 8am-1pm then 3pm-5.30pm

WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY 8am-1pm (close half day)

The Town Hall - our shop location

The Town Hall - our shop location

Local Meet Selection

Local Meet Selection

Our fruit and veg

Our fruit and veg

Pickles etc

Pickles etc

Fresh Bread

Fresh Bread

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